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hi-spec braids
Hi - Welcome to Classic Toys & Models!
We produce these braids in three different sizes, to suit nearly all of the cars that Scalextric have produced over the past 50 years at an incredibly competitive price.
Each braid size is produced in a choice of three different pack quantities, with prices starting from as little as 69 pence!
Congratulations! - you have discovered the principal source of the smoothest control and power delivery that's available anywhere for standard SCALEXTRIC cars!
If you already know us from eBay, know what size braids you need and are in a hurry to get them, then just hit the appropriate button on the nav-bar!
But, if you're not sure which braids you need (or even just plain nosey) then please, scroll down to find which braids fit which car-type, how they've evolved over the years and learn why and how we developed the hi-spec range.
The best hand-throttles, tuned motors and super-sticky tyres are completely useless with braids that fail to keep good contact with the rails, or have to be set so high that they start to lift the slot guide out of the slot!
Our slim braids have a softer spring tension than other braids, which means that they will allow the weight of the nose of the car to compress them under deceleration for a corner, giving deepest guide depth penetration in the slot when it's most important as you enter the turn, yet return to follow the track surface as the nose lifts when you accelerate away!
Here, stretching my photoghahic abilities above and beyond their limit, is a graphic illustration, using my Ferrari 643 F1
BRAID TYPE No.1 -  20mm
Fits old “standard” guide (1960’s - 1990, approx)
After trying some wierd and wonderful variations on some of their early cars, Scalextric settled on this guide type as their standard design for virtually 30 years.
The motor's leads, as you can hopefully see in the picture above, exit the chassis just forward of the front axle and have collets (brass eyelets) on their ends which plug directly into the slot-guide, trapping the braids in place.
 (still going strong)
Above: The Ferrari sits at rest. The braids are set so that the car's own weight flattens them against the guide.
Below: Simulated hard acceleration. The nose rises, but the braids actual set angle is sufficient that they still follow the track's surface.
In fact, there is still enough tension left in reserve to keep contact 'til after the car's wheels have left the ground!
I had originally shot an extreme example, where the braids were still touching the rails with the guide right out of the slot, yet they still went flat against the guide when the car was released!
The simple 'start position' for settings is to align the tips of the braids level with the bottom of the slot-guide, from which point the nose weight of even a light F1 car is sufficient to flatten the braids.
Postage & Packaging Costs:
We operate a very simple formula for working out our postage charges. Simply pay the postage for the item with the highest p&p charge on your order and all the rest travels free. Look on it as a kind of 'thank-you' discount for bulk purchasing!
Standard domestic post and pack is just 0.44 for our packs of 4 or 10. Even the 100-packs are shipped for only 0.80.
This system has been brilliantly received by our customers on eBay. You're welcome to go look at our feedback - we're proud of it!
BRAID TYPE No.2 -  27mm
Fits “Easy-fit” type guide (approx.1990 - present)
Ferrari 643 F1
The 'Easy-fit' guide, as its' name implies, was a new development intended to make braid changing a simpler task, as some owners found the 'Standard' guide rather fiddly!
With this new one, you simply pulled the old guide out, threw it away and bought a new one with the braids already fitted in it!
This was achieved by terminating the motor leads inside the chassis, connecting to two sprung metal plates which protruded through the chassis to contact the braids which were longer to leave a top surface, flat on top of the guide.
BRAID TYPE No.3 -  40mm
Fits Stock Cars (1980's)and Drift Cars (current)
The Drift-Cars' guide is a 2-piece component: the braids wrap 360 degrees round an oval (or round) plate which clips over the guide blade component that traps them in place.
This guide is lightly spring-loaded to keep the braids, which remain flat against the plate, in constant contact with the power rails.
This guide passes its' power to the motor via rotating contacts on the post, allowing the it to turn through 360 degrees, though I understand from my customers that some of these have lock-stops which can be activated to limit its' travel.
Nissan 350Z
Nissan 350Z
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